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Claire is a breathwork practitioner, group facilitator, and trainer recognized by the Australian Breathwork Association. Claire has worked and studied in the healing arts for over 32 years specializing in breathwork, shamanic and energetic healing, bodywork, yoga and meditation.

Claire has created the Transpersonal Breathwork Training which brings together a unique fusion of Breathwork, Shamanism, and Bodywork. Claire has a deep understanding of the breath as a connection to our higher self; having studied and practiced both yogic pranayama, breathwork, and meditation for decades.

Claire is a gifted healer, intuitive, mystic, and visionary who has had many mystical experiences throughout her life. She specializes in working directly with spirit and this ability is what brings the incredible depth and wisdom to her work as a practitioner and trainer. Claire is able to 'see' into the other dimensions of reality and this facilitates the healing of ancestral, archetypal, and past life influences. She is able to support her clients and students through Transpersonal Breathwork, healing, and shamanism, to re-connect with their passed over loved ones.  

Claire has a powerful ability to guide her clients to find the answers they are searching for. She has the ability to support individuals to uncover the underlying causes of dis-ease and other life challenges. Claire is particularly gifted in helping individuals to tap into their passion and purpose in life.

Claire's many years of study of various forms of breathwork, energetic and natural healing, shamanism, bodywork, yoga, meditation, sound healing, as well as her life coaching studies, and study into addiction, codependence, and innerchild work give her an all round ability to work with her clients on many different levels to address the issues that are presenting.

Claire allows a safe environment for individuals to honour and allow their feelings and emotions to bring release and healing, clarity, inner guidance, and personal transformation. She has helped many people through personal and spiritual crisis, and has the ability to guide people into higher states of consciousness for healing, increased awareness and spiritual growth.

She is a happy, enthusiastic, and compassionate person. She works in private practice in Fremantle and Perth Western Australia, and also travels extensively with her work. Claire’s studies have taken her to the UK, India, and Canada, and include




My name is Daniel Dawson, I am a professional combat sport athlete and an 8 x World Champion across 3 different arts, Muay Thai-Boxing, Kick-Boxing and Boxing. I am the only person to have ever been crowned World Champion across these 3 arts. For 21 years I have competed as a professional athlete and I am still competing at the highest level. My mind-body connection is the main vehicle to my success, that is why I sought out the amazing gift and delivery of personal development and growth that Claire has. I have had the pleasure of working with Claire since 2011, I was battling depression at the time I first met with her. Even with many sporting achievements I still found it very hard to stop my own self -sabotage and lack of self-worth due to childhood issues. Claire has guided me to heal from within and worked with me on building my inner value and self-belief which has transferred into every aspect of my life. Claire has brightened my life in so many ways and given me tools to help understand myself and my issues while learning how to respond to my own emotions and thoughts. ~ Daniel “The Rock” Dawson

~ Daniel Dawson



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Claire Belton, Breathwork Practitioner and Trainer, Energetic and Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Life Coach, Workshop Facilitator and Trainer.