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The Shamanic Breathwork Medicine Path: A Powerful New Way to Live

Claire Belton - Saturday, January 24, 2015

I have seen many changes since beginning my career working in the healing arts. Healing was something that only ‘alternative’ folk dabbled in. The same was true of yoga! That was 28 years ago, and boy has it changed now! I am so excited that people from all walks of life are now choosing to come and experience Shamanic Healing and Breathwork. I am seeing corporate executives, professional women, scientists, young blokes with tattoos, elite sports people, teenagers, students, television presenters, rugby players (yes even stars), housewives, laborers, soldiers, cleaners, engineers, business people.. and the list goes on! There has been an explosion of interest in healing over the last 5-10 years.

I believe this is due to the change in consciousness on this planet, this is a time of awakening; people are searching for more meaning in their lives. This is also a time when the veils between the worlds seem to be getting thinner, and people are opening their perception to other realities and dimensions; more and more people are having spiritual experiences. Also other forms of health care, and psychological services, are just not giving folk all of the help they require. People are becoming more aware that they need to care for the spiritual aspect of their lives if they are to lead happy healthy and fulfilling lives. 

The power of breathwork as a healing technique lies in the very nature of the breath that re-connects us back to our spiritual self. The breath in many cultures actually means ‘spirit’, and who has not experienced powerful spiritual experiences when going through a breathwork session? The beauty of breathwork is that its healing affect is simple; the deeper you breathe and the more you let go the better you feel, and inevitably in a breathwork session you begin to experience your energetic or light body. Once one has experienced this phenomena of having an energetic body and how it is clearly effected by the way in which we think and feel; then there is no going back. There can be no dispute as to the existence of an energetic or spiritual body, and that taking care of it means taking care of our whole lives and learning to live a life of wellness. When your energy field is well, so is your mind and body! This is what Breathwork and Shamanic Healing are doing; creating wellness in the energy field, body, and mind, and re-connecting folk to Spirit!

This brings me to why so many folk are passionate about reconnecting to their ancient spiritual roots through shamanic practices. Shamanic healing is sought after because there is a yearning to be more connected to the Earth and to Nature. People are experiencing wellness and peace of mind when in Nature and want to understand how to be in right relationship with Nature in order to source deeply from its healing power. Shamanism holds the old secrets; there is more to life than what is seen in the physical realms, and there is more to health than what is going on in the physical body.

So this is why, in my experience, people are coming in droves to experience healing sessions. Quite simply they want to learn how to connect with their own spirituality and self heal. They are looking to create their lives in a self empowered way, they don’t wish to live a mediocre life; they want to learn how to direct their energy toward manifesting the life they choose, and to be happy, well, and living good lives.

This is why I have created the Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing. There is a need for this work in Australia, and I have been guided to offer this training. I have had a beautiful vision for the growth and expansion of healing in Australia, and I am filled with love for this amazing path and the people who walk it. 

Here in Perth we have created a Shamanic Breathwork Medicine Path Community for all those who have participated in the Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing. It is so beautiful to be part of such an awesome circle of people, to continue the 'work' together and to support one another with where the work wants to work through us into our lives! There are many beautiful developments from this work and training. There is community, there is love, there is support, there is a new way of doing life, there is a new way to live authentically and earn a living working in the healing arts; there is the connection through the Spirit of Community, we are all one on the path. Together we create a new world, filled with the wisdom and love of the Ancient Ones. I hold the vision for this community expanding throughout Australia. 

Here is what a couple of members of this community have said:
“I am so grateful for the amazing journey this Training has taken me on, in awe of the tremendous healing that takes place, blessed to be a part of this beautiful community” ~ Sussan Van De Meeburg

“The deeper I go into the critical issues we all face as humans on this planet, the more I understand and am guided to see: the absolute critical nature of this 'work' and the communities like this which are bringing back the realization of our need to live in harmony with the universe. This community is my hope for the future.” 
~ Graeme Mitchell


The Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing begins in Perth on March 4th, Melbourne March 18th, Sydney April 1st, Gold Coast April 8th 


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