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The Benefits of Shamanic Journey

Claire Belton - Monday, January 09, 2017

A shamanic journey is taken in order to visit the inner landscape of our energetic world, in order to get greater insight and wisdom for life experiences and challenges. In these inner landscapes, which are also other worlds or dimensions, one can communicate and build relationships with the helping spirits; spiritual guides and teachers that help us in our lives. 

When we go on a shamanic journey we are able to access the other worlds through our dreaming body, we journey into non-ordinary reality. This is fundamentally what happens when we dream in our sleep, in a shamanic journey we learn to dream awake. Shamanism has provided us maps in which to journey, so we can check out the terrain in the various worlds, which all have symbolic meaning for our lives. Core shamanism, which is the knowledge that shamanic cultures all have in common, has a map of the 3 worlds. When we learn shamanic journey we learn about the 3 worlds, and how we go about entering them. We learn how to journey safely in our dreaming body.

The 3 worlds contain all of the archetypal energies and are landscapes filled with rich symbolism that is alive in our own energy field and life. When we journey we are able to check out our energetic landscape to see what is showing up. This is powerful because if we are aware of what is showing up in our inner landscape we are able to create wise choices for our lives based on an ability to 'see the truth' or to see beyond the veils. This is also the principle of intuition, and why many people wish to awaken a deeper connection with their intuition. We may wish to see the truth about various situations in our lives, and when we journey into the energetic realms we are able to see what is really going on as it is played out in symbolism. The truth cannot hide from us.This becomes a very powerful technique that can be utilized in our relationships with others, as well as in our careers, and business. In fact this is powerful information for all areas of our lives. We are also able to better protect ourselves and create good boundaries for we are able to see the real intentions of others in the energy world.

As we develop relationships with our helping spirits, we open up to receive their guidance, which is so valuable for life! As we become more proficient with our ability to journey, we find that we are more open to our own intuition at all times. Our ability to listen deeply to our intuition becomes heightened. When we can listen to and act on our intuition we become successful in our lives, and strongly connected to our life path. In the shamanic journey technique we utilize the right side of our brain, and in our culture where we dominantly use the left side of our brain, this is so important as we now know from neuroscience that successful people are able to utilize both the left and right sides of their brain.

Through shamanic journey we are able to also access healing for our selves and our lives. This is a tool we can practice to access the healing, love, wisdom, and power that symbolizes the shamanic path. 

An important part of shamanic journey is the work we do with a power animal. 

Everyone has a power animal which is symbolic of their own instinctual power. Every wild animal has different powers, and through our power animal we learn about our own instinctual power, and how to regain our power that we have lost over the years. We lose our power through traumatic situations in life, as well as when we are disempowered in life. Through a reconnecting with this power we are able to accept, utilize, and hone our powers for the good in our lives. Recovering a power animal can also help us to regain the strength to heal from illness and dis-ease.

As we learn shamanic journey we are able to merge with our power animal, and safely explore the other worlds to further empower our lives. The better we get at shamanic journey the more the archetypal symbolic energetic world comes visiting us.. rich with wisdom, love, healing, and power for our lives. And shamanic journey helps us to prosper and grow abundant in this beautiful physical life.

Are their benefits from learning shamanic journey? Sure are! This is one of the most powerful tools I have learnt and why I am so passionate about teaching shamanic journey to share it with others!

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