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Ancestral Healing

Claire Belton - Sunday, October 26, 2014

Over the last few years in my healing practice I have worked increasingly with ancestral healing.  This has not been a conscious decision on my part, but more dictated by the ‘work’ that needed to be done. I have found in my healing practice that I have learnt much from my clients through what shows up. Read this Blog Post

Shamanism, ghosts, and the unseen worlds

Claire Belton - Thursday, May 09, 2013

In Shamanic Healing we learn to journey into the unseen worlds, and we learn to listen to Spirit as it speaks to us. We learn to listen to the wind, noticing when winds blow when there is no wind. Spirit comes with the wind, the ancestors come with the wind. Ghostly presences are felt as a cold wind that blows, sometimes this wind is felt where there is no possibility for wind to blow, like inside a house with doors and windows closed. Read this Blog Post

Energetic causes of health challenges

Claire Belton - Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Sometimes our health challenges can be directly related to energetic causes... if you suffer from health challenges and have tried everything... including western medicine, diet, naturopathy, chiropractic.... etc etc and are getting no-where... then it's worthwhile checking for any underlying energetic causes. Energetic causes for health and other challenges can include... emotional dis-ease, negative thinking, being corded to others who have a negative disposition, being the recipient of others anger or negative thoughts, carrying emotions and dis-ease for others that we love, carrying negative ancestral stories (unfinished business in the family), ancestral curses, negative energy from the land, picking up and carrying entities.... and the list goes on...  Read this Blog Post



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