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Shamanism, ghosts, and the unseen worlds

Claire Belton - Thursday, May 09, 2013

In Shamanic Healing we learn to journey into the unseen worlds, and we learn to listen to Spirit as it speaks to us. We learn to listen to the wind, noticing when winds blow when there is no wind. Spirit comes with the wind, the ancestors come with the wind. Ghostly presences are felt as a cold wind that blows, sometimes this wind is felt where there is no possibility for wind to blow, like inside a house with doors and windows closed.

I am sometimes asked to clear houses of old stuck energies and ghosts, and sometimes they just crop up in my life. At times I am called upon to be of service to help walk a soul back home to the Light. Ghosts are generally just souls that haven’t found their way back home after the death of their physical body.

Like us when we are in need of healing or help, lost souls often just need to tell their story, often they become stuck in the astral realms because they are not complete with the life they were living. Often they have been through trauma in life and can't see a way forward, they can't see the Light. Sometimes they are chained through their addictions and the heavy energy they were carrying when they passed over. Other times they just aren't aware they are dead. 

In order to help a lost soul pass over they need to be made aware that they are dead, that it is safe to let go of their lives, that they are forgiven, or that they can forgive those who have hurt them in their life. They often need to be empathised with; they need their story heard and their life honoured. They are then shown the way back to their loved ones, their ancestors who are waiting for them, they are walked home with the help of the helping Spirits;walked to the Light. 

As they transition there is a most wonderful feeling of love and peace, there is healing, and there is a deep peace that comes into the house or place they have been stuck. This is so beautiful, and when it happens both in my work with clients and occasionally in my private life when out and about or visiting a friend I am always deeply touched by the Love that is present. Healing is a miracle. Death is a transition from one realm to another. 

What I find so interesting about this work is that the story that the ghost or lost soul is carrying often has a similar life story to the person whose home it is stuck in. It seems that we attract similar energies and as we heal ourselves this healing ripples out into the world. 

In Shamanic healing we learn to mediate between this world and others we learn to extend a hand in this world and others. It is a path of incredible beauty, a gift. 

Whether we are working to clear a house of ghostly energies, or performing a healing on a person who is carrying dense energy or dis-ease, the method is similar, we are acknowledging the stories carried, and we are transforming the energy as energy cannot be created or destroyed, it simply transforms. We can all do this in our daily lives, a simple example is by practicing forgiveness; as we forgive we transform our anger and bitterness into peace and acceptance. 

With shamanic healing we use smoke, we smudge a person or house or area in a ritualistic manner in order to clear the energy, we also work with the helping Spirits or guides that help us to transform the energy. 

If you would like to clear the energy in your home I highly recommend smoking your house with smudge, Sage smoke is good. I also recommend you play beautiful music, chanting and classical music is good to help shift the energy. You can also call in the helping Spirits or Angels to help clear the energy. It is also good to state your intention to bring in the new positive uplifting energies you would like in your home. Bless your home with love, peace, happiness, and abundance; I like to do this whilst working with a singing bowl. You will feel the difference.

If you are interested in learning more about Shamanic Healing, The Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing begins in Perth on March 4th, Melbourne March 18th, Sydney April 1st, Gold Coast April 8th 

If you would like to see the training in your area and are able to get a group together, I am happy to speak with you. 


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