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Mind-Body Connection

Claire Belton - Friday, May 03, 2013

The mind and the body are inseparable, what affects one affects the other. Your health and wellness is affected by both your mind and body. The definition for mind-body medicine according to the Mind/Body Medical institute in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, is the “inseparable connection between the mind and body…the complicated interactions that take place between thoughts, body and the outside world.”

What this essentially means is that how you think and feel affects your state of health. As a practitioner of breathwork and various body therapies over the last 20 years of my career I have had many experiences working with the healing capacity of the mind-body connection, or mind-body medicine. When working with the body, through breathwork, yoga, bodywork, and energetic healing practices, it becomes evident how much the workings of the mind have affected the health of the body. I have personally witnessed the healing of many different health ailments when underlying mind factors; beliefs and feelings are addressed. It is important to be aware of just how much your thoughts beliefs and feelings are affecting your state of health. An important factor in wellness is to identify and transform the negative beliefs and feelings you have about life so they don’t create health problems for you.

The practice of mind-body exercise, such as yoga, will have benefits for your physical health as well as looking after your state of mind. You get to develop peace of mind as well as a fit, toned, and healthy body. 

The regular practice of meditation and yoga bring about lowered amounts of the stress hormone, cortisol, in your body. The less stress hormones you have in your body, the calmer you are. Stress hormones act as free radicals, prematurely aging your body, and increasing your susceptibility to illness. If you want to be well and stay well it is important to deal with stress effectively. The common factors that cause stress in your body and mind include: negative thoughts and beliefs, holding onto emotional baggage from the past, and also eating unhealthy foods that your body has trouble processing.

Living a life that is conducive to wellness means living your life with a sense of purpose and direction; this brings about optimum opportunity for health, happiness, and success in life. Through my work with coaching I have seen that by actually living your life to your potential brings about positive experiences in the body and mind. Often times when the body is unwell it will not begin its healing until you are giving it the right environment, and this means to positively get on track in your life. Coaching will support you to bring into your life positive new beliefs and habits that change your internal chemistry as well as your life in general.

I recommend you take the time to get to know the way in which your mind and body are affecting one another in your life. Learn how to clear out the clutter in your mind, get help to transform the negative beliefs and feelings from the past (Breathwork), and nourish your body and mind with the food, career, relationships, and environments that support your wellness.

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