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How to Set Great Goals!

Claire Belton - Thursday, May 02, 2013

You can set goals for all areas of your life. For example; career, relationship, financial, business, health, creativity, family, education, and home. A goal setting session with a professional coach will fire your creative imagination and inspire you to think ‘outside of the box’ in your goal setting.

Setting great goals will bring your focus and attention to what you want to achieve in your life, you can then work consciously with a plan to realise your goals.

Great goals will inspire you to move forward in your life. As you go about the work of realising your goals you will acquire new skills and positive new habits. Great goals will stretch you to grow to be able to realise them. Upon realising great goals you have the added bonus of all the personal growth that comes with stretching yourself. This personal growth will be what gives you the ability to set bigger goals and greater achievements. You get to create the life you want, and develop into the person you want to be!

Characteristics of great goals include:

1. Time frame. A realistic time frame in which to achieve your goals.
2. Measurable. Make sure your goals are measurable, so you know when you have achieved them. For example 5kg lighter, happy and energetic!
3. Stretch. If your goal doesn’t stretch you it may not inspire you.
4. Attainable. If your goals are completely unrealistic within a certain time frame then you are setting yourself up for self sabotage. Great goals are attainable as well as stretch you to grow.
5. Inspirational and motivational!
6. They feel great. Great goals give you a wonderful positive feeling, it is important to impart this feeling into the goal. For example: Yes! $20000 profit this month!

Goals that are short, punchy and to the point will keep your attention; keep away from long waffly goals that you can’t remember.
Remember, if you are serious about your goals, take the next step, hire a coach, they will see things from a different perspective, keep you on track, and inspire and motivate you to achieve the important things you want.

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