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Energetic causes of health challenges

Claire Belton - Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Sometimes our health challenges can be directly related to energetic causes... if you suffer from health challenges and have tried everything... including western medicine, diet, naturopathy, chiropractic.... etc etc and are getting no-where... then it's worthwhile checking for any underlying energetic causes. Energetic causes for health and other challenges can include... emotional dis-ease, negative thinking, being corded to others who have a negative disposition, being the recipient of others anger or negative thoughts, carrying emotions and dis-ease for others that we love, carrying negative ancestral stories (unfinished business in the family), ancestral curses, negative energy from the land, picking up and carrying entities.... and the list goes on... 

How to remedy this... meditation, pranayama, positive affirmations, mantra, any energetic therapies that help you to let go of built up emotions such as breathwork, and for ancestral and other energy causes... energetic forms of healing, shamanic healing is awesome for removing entities and other negative energy. 

Sometimes when you are feeling a little low, or have certain issues going on in your life, or if you have been taking intoxicants such as drugs or alcohol, or if you have been in the company of negative people or people with lots of distress, or if you have been in a stressful can pick up heavy energy or what we call in shamanic healing as 'hucha' this is a Peruvian Shamanic term, and simply means heavy energy... there is no negative connotation... it just comes from human relating... all of this can make you unwell.  If your energy is low it is also possible to pick up what we call 'entities' which just means lost souls... discarnate human souls that are earth bound... can hook into your energy field... and this can make you very tired... taxing your energy... it can also create pain in your body... tense muscles... and even be the underlying cause of greater health challenges... even drug or alcohol addictions... especially if the entity is holding a lot of heavy energy.  If this is the case... or if you suspect this may be... watch out for dreams that you feel are particularly strange... or even nightmares... then it is important to see a good healer.  Shamanic healing is so effective for this type of condition.  Shamanic healing can be done either face to face or remotely.  I practice both face to face healing, as well as distant shamanic healing

You will immediately feel the difference when you have received shamanic healing... feeling light, energetic, and your body will start to heal... you can have a spontaneous healing... depending on the situation... other times your body then begins to respond to other treatments that it wasn't previously responding to... such as herbs or western medicine... even such techniques as kinesiology.  I have seen this many times in my practice. Energy disturbances that are really heavy will interfere with the effectiveness of otherwise wonderful healing modalities... have the energy healing... and then go back on the herbs or continue other forms of healing.  Shamanic healing works well with other modalities!

It is important to cleanse your energy field regularly, as well as your home or work environment.  You can cleanse with smoke or smudge from white sage, palo santo, eucalyptus leaves, or incense.  You can also cleanse your energy field by going for a swim in the ocean or placing sea salt, or Epsom salts into your bath... have a good soak!

If you are interested in training in Shamanic Healing check out the Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing.


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