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Ancestral Healing

Claire Belton - Sunday, October 26, 2014

Over the last few years in my healing practice I have worked increasingly with ancestral healing.  This has not been a conscious decision on my part, but more dictated by the ‘work’ that needed to be done. I have found in my healing practice that I have learnt much from my clients through what shows up.

When I work with clients I am constantly ‘tracking’ in the energy field and listening to the stories that are held in the body. The physical body and the luminous energy field are like one big storehouse of information. When the body is blocked and there is tension or pain present; there is always an unfinished story. This story may be about something past or present, it is always something important for my client, it may have emotional content, there maybe unshed tears or unfelt fear or anger, and sometimes even unfelt laughter.  This story may have originated in childhood or adulthood, or even past lives. However increasingly I am seeing ancestral stories arising.

It seems that this is a potent time for ancestral healing. What is unfinished business in our family and ancestral lineage may show itself in our lives and in our physical bodies. These are the stories of our parents, grandparents, great grandparents etc.

The majority that are showing up for healing seem to be from the more recent ancestors over the last hundred or so years, however it can go back further if there has been a major trauma with little or no healing or resolution. I find that the ancestor is stuck in the astral realm and their story is playing out through their descendent or descendants. Once this story comes to the light of conscious awareness it is obvious to see who in the family has been affected and in what way. With healing, this energy is no longer able to play out in the individual’s life, and the individual’s children will not need to live it out.

I am able to see or sense the ancestor in the energy field. They appear as a ghost, and I am able to listen to what is distressing them, and what they need in order to heal. When the ancestor is deeply acknowledged, the story is acknowledged, the feelings felt and acknowledged, and when the healing of the ancestor is complete; there is healing in my client. Physical pain is released, energy is released, dis-ease disappears, awareness is heightened, wisdom is gained as well as an indescribable Lightness of the Spirit! There is now room for new beginnings, all manner of healing takes place in my client.

When the healing of the ancestor takes place, there is often recognition of the gifts the ancestor has given my client, the gifts that are now about to be claimed! This is beautiful work.  Whenever a story is transformed, the gifts flow, and life changes for the better!

This form of ancestral healing is a type of compassionate depossession work where we loving ‘walk’ the ancestor home. They are no longer stuck in the astral realms and we no longer have to live out their story. We come away acknowledging the beautiful gifts they have given us. This may be strength of spirit, a talent or skill. We may have inherited our sensuality, kindness, compassion, artistic ability, intelligence, or humor. For some of us it is the gift of our healing. I inherited the gift of healing and I am most grateful to the ancestors from which it was gifted.

I am teaching this ancestral healing in my workshop Healing Your Ancestral Lineage. I believe we all have the ability to bring Light to our ancestral wounds. Ultimately as we go about our ancestral healing, we bring healing and Light to our world; we each do our part for the healing of the world and for the children yet unborn so they don’t have to carry the burden.

I am also teaching the techniques for Ancestral Healing in Level 2 of the Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing.



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