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Living With Wellness - Yoga, Meditation and Healing Day

Enjoy a day for healing your body, mind and soul with nurturing yoga practices, various meditations, and a group breathwork session.

This is a day to come home to yourself and truly Love your Self. 

You will be taken on a journey to still your mind and honour the intelligence held within your body and soul through ancient spiritual practices. 

The yoga is a combination of hatha and yin yoga, and breathing exercises to move prana and bring about healing and meditative states. 

Through breathwork breathing experience emotional and spiritual healing, and relax deeply with a variety of meditation practices!

Details & Registration:

Date: 12th January 2014
Venue: Fremantle (details emailed after booking)
Time: 10am-5pm
Price: $220.00
Bring along: Lunch, pillow, yoga mat, water bottle, journal, pen, and pencils or crayons. Afternoon tea will be provided.

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