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Women's Breathing Circle Online

Experience the healing power of Transpersonal Breathwork! 

This is a weekly group where you can come together with other women in a safe and sacred space for deep healing.

Through the use of conscious connected breathing you can access profound healing states of consciousness. Claire holds a powerful shamanic space to support your healing and evolution of consciousness. This may include some hands on work and or tracking in your energy field to help you identify and transform old stories held in your field.  

Because of the depth of this work this is not a large group; this keeps the integrity and depth of the healing space.

Learn how to use your breath and body to:
  • relax deeply
  • release and transform past negative experiences
  • let go of old emotions that are held in the body
  • overcome states of anxiety and depression
  • transform negative thoughts
  • tap into spiritual wisdom and guidance
  • enter blissful heightened states of consciousness
  • create the life you really want!

Places are limited so booking is important. If you do book it is necessary to give Claire 24 hours notice if you are unable to come. You can text Claire on 0408909779.

Cost: $50 each session

BREATHWORK IS NOT SUITABLE FOR: those with cardiovascular problems, pregnancy, some psychiatric conditions, psychosis, those having had recent surgery or fractures, acute infectious illness or epilepsy, severe hypertension, glaucoma, or active spiritual emergency.

Details & Registration:

Date: 2nd July 2020
Venue: Fremantle (advised on booking)
Time: 9.30am-1pm
Price: $50.00
Pillow and water bottle.

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If this workshop is not currently available, Contact Claire to register your interest



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