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Module 8 of the Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing

Module Eight

Ancestral Healing 

We will look at how to track, identify, and work with generational trauma and curses that are blocking energy flow and creating addiction, illness, and misfortune. This includes powerful ancestral depossession work. Learn how to navigate a breathwork session through the energetic ancestral landscape that can arise in a session.

This work will support you to heal your own generational trauma, reconnect to and bring healing to your ancestral lineage, and give you specific tools and understanding to assist your clients in the work. You will have the opportunity to enquire into those areas of your own life where you seem to have the biggest hurdles, and you will be working to transform old energetic contracts, beliefs, and carried feelings. You will be working with ancestral allies and helping spirits, and broadening your understanding of working both with the breath and in the energetic realms with this work.  Learn how to bring the ancestral gifts into the Light and reclaim love, power, wisdom, and destiny. 

Give and receive shamanic breathwork sessions and integrate your skills.

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Date: 1st-4th November 2018
Venue: Hamilton Hill
Time: 9am-5pm
Price: $1000 (includes GST) or $900.00 earlybird if paid by the 25th October 2018

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