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Module 6 of the Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing in Perth

Reading the Body’s Language: Breathwork, Shamanism, and Cellular Healing 6 days 

Learn skills to read the body’s language and most importantly that which is not said, this becomes a powerful place to explore in a session.  Discover how perception underlies posture, and how expanding perception supports the unwinding of tension and dis-ease.  

You will learn how your language toward your client can powerfully support their process of internal awareness that leads to the unwinding of their tension, and transformation in their life. You will learn how to read the body to help bring a person to release their limitations and embody and express their true Self. 

Learn how you can support a client to breathe deeper and with more ease by releasing the physical dis-ease with Cellular Healing.  Deepen your skills for working with the body and unwinding stories and physical pain and tension.

You will have the opportunity to participate in experiential work to understand how to consciously manifest your dreams through embodiment; anchoring into your body and energy field. Learn how to facilitate this with your clients.

Learn how you can integrate the shamanic work through the use of conscious touch. 

Details & Registration:

Date: 1st-3rd June, 11th-13th August 2018
Time: 9am-5pm
Price: $1500.00 or EARLYBIRD $1400 if paid by the 28th May 2018
Lunch, water bottle, journal and pen and pencils/crayons, rattle, drum or clapping sticks, bandana or scarf, pillow, sheet or towel.

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