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Module 5 of the Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing in Perth

Module Five 

  • Death: Flight of the Soul
    We explore death as a part of the life cycle. Experience a symbolic ceremony of death, and learn to recognise and work with your own unconscious death urge.  You learn to track death in the energy field and see how death ‘stalks’ an individual through the stories in their luminous energy field; ancestral, past life, and other negative stories from this life.  Through breathwork and shamanic healing we release these stories and the places we are stuck, the places we need to show up and consciously die to, and we rebirth ourselves into the next stage of our lives.
  • Shamanic Death Rites
    Here you learn to administer energetic death rites to support the flight of the soul from the body after death. You learn to walk a soul home and to be the spiritual midwife for the departed.
  • Breathwork: The Transformational Power of Consciousness
    Learn how to utilise the power of consciousness and the breath to step into the role of the Creator. We learn to take full responsibility for our lives and recognise and release with ease the behaviours that no longer support us in our soul’s evolutionary process. Facing our ‘shadow’ we begin to own every partof our ‘sacred drama’ and leave behind the victim mentality in our lives. We learn how to transform our shadow into true power and light, and we learn how to support others to do this. 
  • Despacho Ceremony
    Participate in creating a Despacho, a beautiful ceremony of gratitude and healing. This ceremony is for creating abundance in your life and for connecting deeply with the elements and Nature.

Details & Registration:

Date: 6th-10th December 2017
Venue: Fremantle (advised on booking)
Time: 9am-5pm daily
Price: $1350.00 or $1250.00 earlybird if paid by the 27th November (includes GST)

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