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Module 3 of the Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing in Perth

Module Three

  • Shamanic Extraction
    There are many types of energies that sit in the luminous energy field that can contribute to dis-ease, and block you from creating the life you long for. In this module you learn the shamanic process of extraction of intrusive energies; entities, negative energies, energetic cords, hucha, ancestral stories, and curses. You learn to work with your power animal, the helping Spirits, the Elements, crystals, smudge, and drumming; tools to support the extraction process. This is powerful healing!
  • Stepping into Power and Power Retrieval
    In this module we work to reclaim our lost power! We step into our true Power in order to be a powerful conduit for love and healing. We learn how to go on a shamanic journey in order to recover a power animal for another.
  • Healing with the Elements
    Learn how to actively engage with the Spirit of each of the four elements in order to gain valuable allies for healing.
  • Soul Retrieval 
    Learn how the soul fragments in times of trauma.  Learn how to carry out Soul Retrieval. Learn about the connection between dis-ease, soul fragmentation, soul stealing and soul loss. 
  • Breathwork and Shamanic Healing
    The journey deepens with the introduction of Shamanic extraction techniques into the breathwork session.

Details & Registration:

Date: 9th-13th August 2016
Venue: Fremantle
Time: 9am-5pm
Price: $1350.00 (includes GST) or earlybird price $1250.00 must be paid by the 26th July 2017

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