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Module 2 of the Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing in Perth

Module 2 of Level 1 of the Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing

Continue the journey of healing and learning in Module 2. The subjects covered include:
  • Shamanic Journey: Learn to journey into the three worlds of core shamanism to meet guardian spirits, spirit helpers and teachers.  Learn how to journey to discover wisdom, uncover purpose, receive guidance, and experience profound healing.    Learn how to retrieve personal power; journey to find your own personal power animal or animals.  Learn how to journey on behalf of another for healing, wisdom, and power retrieval.
  • Cellular Healing: Hands on Healing: Learn a powerful hands on healing technique. In an unobtrusive manner learn to listen to and engage the body’s wisdom to transform dis-ease, unwind tension, and release old stories from the cellular memory. With hands on, explore the anatomy of the mind-body connection. Begin the process of uncovering ‘secrets’ held within the body which leads to the release of physical tension and pain and brings about the healing process.
  • Breathwork, Emotional Release, and Carried Feelings: Here you learn to identify the difference between emotions that need to be felt in order to release, and carried feelings; those that belong to another. Unfelt emotions can sit in the body for years creating health challenges, stress and tension, and can contribute to negative perceptions of life and the  way you see and respond to people and events in your life. Learn the importance of emotional release in health and healing, how it can be facilitated gently with love and care, and how opening to the depth of your emotional reality opens you to the Super Consciousness; the divine Love, Wisdom, and Bliss of Great Spirit! By working with your own emotional depths you learn how to support others to allow their feeling reality and become powerfully and deeply compassionate…the true journey of the Healer.
  • Sound Healing: This is an introduction to the various ways that sound can be used for healing. Explore the use of the drum, rattle, Tibetan singing bowls, voice, gong, and music. 

Please note that this training takes a maximum of 10 people so early booking and payment to secure your booking is advisable!

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Details & Registration:

Date: 7th-11th June 2017
Venue: Fremantle TBA
Time: 9am-5pm
Price: $1350.00 or earlybird $1250 if paid by the 1st June 2017
Pillow, blanket, towel or sheet, hoop drum, rattle, singing bowls (optional), journal, pens and coloured pencils or crayons, lunch daily, and water bottle.

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