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Living with Purpose (Perth)

A weekend of Breathwork, Shamanic Healing, and Meditation; experience healing, purpose, inspiration, vision, clarity and direction for your life! In this workshop I teach all about the mind-body-Spirit connection and how to access this through various means. There is space for emotional healing, to connect with and release that which is blocking your life or that which requires transforming. This is a safe and sacred space in which to encounter your true sense of Self, to feel and heal, and to learn how to actively 'listen' to the wisdom within the body and within Nature. In this workshop you will have the opportunity for healing that includes the emotional, mental, and energetic realms. We do not favor one realm over another we simply learn to 'listen' to what is required. 

This is an opportunity for profound personal growth! I would like to invite you to participate in a weekend to connect to your inner self; to learn to hear the voice of your Spirit, to follow your truth, to live in a new and empowered way! In this workshop you get to move through, heal, and transform old ways of being that are blocking you from living the life you truly want; to let go of old stories, emotions, negative beliefs and conditioning that are stopping you from living a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life, and living your purpose! 

Connect deeply to your own spirituality; learn how to journey into the realms of your body and spirit through processes that include: breathwork, meditation, shamanic journey, shamanic dance, and working with the power of the elements and Mother Earth for your own energetic healing. You will leave this workshop with a powerful toolkit of processes to take into your Life that will support you in every area of your life; support you to 'move your energy' and live more fully, more alive in every way!

Details & Registration:

Date: 2nd-3rd August 2014
Venue: Fremantle (venue forwarded after booking)
Time: Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 9am-5pm
Price: $495.00 includes GST or earlybird special: $450.00 includes GST if paid in full by July 25th 2014

Claire, you were the very first person the universe directed me towards at the beginning of my awakening when I was in a really bad state emotionally, spiritually and physically. Coming to you and opening myself up to your Shamanic magic, was my first 'act' towards helping myself or allowing myself to be helped .

You helped me a lot Claire. Thank you for your magic and healing ways.

~ Stewart Fanning

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