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Healing Your Inner Child

Are issues from your childhood creating blocks in your energy field, body and mind, and affecting your ability to create the life you want? These blockages can be affecting your relationships, health, self esteem, financial prosperity, creativity, and career. You can do something about it!!

Everything that has happened to you in your childhood is recorded in your energy field (aura), your body and your mind. This includes emotions and beliefs that come from childhood and now dictate how you live your life. This workshop is an opportunity for you to travel deeply into the subconscious-body/mind and to make new decisions that support your highest good and all your goals for your life.

Experience deep inner healing and transformation of issues that have arisen from your childhood. Uncover blocked energy, emotions, events and beliefs.

Recover your ability to choose how you wish to see the world. Re-parent and champion your inner child, and transform negative beliefs into positive empowering ways to be in the world. As you champion your inner child and learn to love yourself more deeply experience the benefits of your life improving in all areas!

Claire offers powerful processes from her 25 years of working with the body, mind and spirit to bring about empowerment and positive personal change. Be taken on a journey for healing; from your earliest beginnings; within the womb, and through your childhood.

You will have the opportunity to re-parent your inner child, recover missing soul pieces, detox negative and/or abusive energies originating in childhood from your body/mind and aura, and champion your inner child… recovering your most incredible authentic self! Creating new beliefs and a new life!

Please note group numbers are limited, please book early to avoid disappointment!

Details & Registration:

Date: 14th-15th June 2014
Venue: Fremantle (details forwarded after registration)
Time: Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 9am-5pm
Price: $495.00 includes GST or earlybird 450.00 (includes GST) if paid by June 1st 2014
Pillow, water bottle, lunch, blank journal and pencils or crayons.

"I just wanted to say thank you for the Living with Purpose Workshop I attended recently. You have helped me to heal so much of the deep pain and sadness I've felt surrounding the loss of my Dad three and a half years ago. Also sharing that process, has helped to relieve some of the loneliness that I have felt from that loss. The Living with Purpose workshop was filled with laughter, love, tears, humor and learning. It was truly an inspiring experience and I have come away with a renewed connection to myself and commitment to continue my healing journey.  Claire, you are someone with integrity, which is not easy to find, and it is exactly what you need when you are doing this type of deep work, and learning to trust again. Thanks again Claire, for your beauty, power, and energy."
~ Andrea

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