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Ecstatic Journey to the Self (Fremantle WA)

Through a fusion of Breathwork, Meditation, Shamanism, Yoga, Movement, and Creativity, experience powerful heightened states of consciousness, spirituality, vision, stillness, and bliss.

A wonderful opportunity to release stress, anxiety, blocked energy, and dis-ease from the body, mind, and spirit. Time to listen within to find the answers you are searching for.

Over the 3 days you will be held in Sacred Space; there will be time to sit in circle and share. Time for silence; you will have the opportunity to experience many forms of meditation: movment, sound, breath, and chakra meditations. These will support you to let go of the mind and delve deeper into the silence to find inner wisdom.

Through both movement, dance, and yoga begin the process of tuning into the intelligence held within the body; to feel good, increase the flow of prana (life force energy), and free the Spirit! The yoga is suitable for beginners and the more experienced; a gentle powerful way to connect to your body and increase your vitality.

Through rebirthing breathwork experience release of tension, pain, and dis-ease in the body, mind, and energy field; giving your body and mind time for deep healing. Time to honour your emotions and to let go to the bliss and ecstatic experience of your spirit.

Through creative processes there will be time to communicate your experiences from the sub-conscious to the conscious, and through ancient shamanic practices you will have the opportunity to connect to the healing power of Nature and Spirit.

This 3 days is a time for connection, silence, healing, expression, deep rest, relaxation, and joy. A time to remember who you are, why you are here, and what you are here for. A time to honour your Self.

Details & Registration:

Date: TBA
Venue: TBA Fremantle & Gold Coast
Time: 9am-5pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Price: $650.00 or early bird price: $595.00
Bring along: Meditation mat (or mattress something comfy to lie on for 1.5 hours), pillow, blanket, water bottle, lunch, large blank journal, pen, and pencils or crayons.

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