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Ecstatic Breath!

Experience the healing power of Breathwork!

Claire brings together a unique fusion of breathwork and shamanism to create a magical environment for profound healing and heightened states of consciousness.

In a space of safety, love, and nurture experience the power of your breath and Spirit to:

Release tension, dis-ease, old beliefs, and stuck emotions
Move energetic blocks
Overcome anxiety
Experience the underlying causes of dis-ease 
Come back into right relationship with your Self
Empower yourself
Connect to the natural intelligence in your body and life 
Heal ancestral issues 
Relax deeply
Experience yourself as a powerful energetic being

Breathwork will put you in touch with your powerful spiritual self; you can access other dimensions and connect with guides and departed loved ones. 

The more breathwork you do, the more you expand your awareness and connect with your multidimensional Self. 
As you breathe and heal you open up to the many possibilities of experience in this body and life, past lives, ancestral energies, 
connection to the web of life, and ultimately bliss consciousness.. the unconditional love of Source energy!

Breathwork will connect you to your wisdom within to guide you in your life, and uncover a sense of purpose.

Claire calls in the powerful protective and healing energy’s of her Spirit Allies to support you and create a very Sacred Space for your deep immersion.

In this workshop you will have the experience of being both a sitter to support another in the breathing process, and a breather. 

This workshop is a pre-requisite for the Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing.

Claire is professional breathwork practitioner and trainer and shamanic healer with over 26 years of experience. Claire is recognized by the Australian Breathwork Association.

Cost: $470.00 or Earlybird Special: $420.00 (if paid by 2nd August 2018)

Details & Registration:

Date: 20th-21st October 2018
Venue: Fremantle Western Australia
Time: 9am-5pm daily
Price: $470.00 or Earlybird Special: $420.00 (if paid by the 7th October 2018)
Lunch, water bottle, journal and pen and pencils/crayons, and pillow.

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