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Ancestral Healing Workshop

Do you feel that you are carrying around or living out stories from your ancestors?  Are there patterns in your family that keep repeating?  Are you experiencing health challenges due to energy that has been passed down through your ancestral lineage? 
This weekend will support you to bring healing to the ancestral patterns and stories that play out in your life and health.

Carrying the unhealed stories of your ancestors can create both dis-ease and negative experiences in your life. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to bring about deep healing to an ancestral story that is causing dis-ease in your life. We will be working to take you deeper into your body, into your cells that hold the ancestral stories that are calling for healing and transformation.

The stories of your ancestors live on in your energy field and body. These stories underly many of the beliefs and subconscious patterns you are living out and help to create the fabric of your life. What 'runs in the family' runs your life until you take the step to bring healing to these old stories. 
The healing you will experience over this weekend will include opportunity to detox and release; ancestral emotions, ancestral trauma, blocked ancestral energy you are carrying. This is an opportunity to listen deeply to and honour the gifts and lessons that have come through your lineage, and acknowledge what you wish to create in your own life as you heal and release the past. A life changing workshop.
Participate in Sacred Ceremony, Shamanic Journey, Breathwork, and Meditation to clear your energy field and bring healing to your body, mind, energy field and life. 

Prerequisite: This workshop is only open to those who have experienced Claire's work. It is necessary to have worked with Claire in either group work or individual breathwork or shamanic healing prior to this workshop in order to participate in the Ancestral Healing workshop. 

Details & Registration:

Date: 20th-21st January 2018
Venue: Fremantle (TBA)
Time: 9am-5pm
Price: $595.00 or $525.00 earlybird if paid by the 9th January 2018 (includes GST)
Lunch, water bottle, journal and pens/pencils/crayons, pillow, and blanket.

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