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The Many Benefits of Meditation

Claire Belton - Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I decided to create the ‘Meditation for Busy People’ because so many people are looking to reduce their stress levels and need fast and effective techniques and there are some great ways specific to our western lifestyle that do quieten the mind faster than other more well known techniques. I have helped people who have previously been unsuccessful with meditation to really break through quieten the mind and achieve great results fast.

The positive affects of meditation on your life and health are vast.

Lower stress levels and improve health
When you learn how to meditate you are learning how to slow your mind down and relax your body. When you are able to bring meditation into your life on a regular basis, which can be as little as 20 minutes a day, studies have shown that levels of stress are reduced due to the lowering of your pulse rate, respiration rate, and plasma cortisol (this is a stress hormone). There is an increase in the EEG alpha which is a brain wave associated with relaxation. Meditation increases serotonin levels which has an affect on levels of happiness; low serotonin levels are related to depression and insomnia.

So many people are often unaware of the build up of stress in their systems. If you don’t deal with stress it will build up in your body. It can go unnoticed for years and then show itself in all manner of ways such as backache, headaches, pain, stress related illness, anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia.
I have seen many people recover from health challenges through the practice of meditation.

Communicate effectively
Both your body and brain gain from this profound state of rest. Your communication is more effective, meditation will help you to become more focussed and think more clearly. Studies have shown that creativity becomes greater and comprehension broader.

Improve relationships
With increased feelings of peace and wellbeing you become a more joyful and positive person to be around. Meditation will put you in touch with your feelings and improves your emotional intelligence. Your intuitive faculty increases and you have a greater sensitivity toward others.
You have more choice in the way in which you respond to others and no longer react from habituated thoughts and feelings.

Sense of self
When you can just be with yourself, as in the practice of meditation, you get a stronger sense of yourself. You become more aware of what you want and need in your life and the sense of how to go about getting it. Meditation gives you skills to be able to let go and be a more patient and compassionate human being. It will help you to feel more loving and connected to others.

How often do I need to meditate to experience the benefits?
I recommend at least 20 minutes a day. Meditation has a cumulative affect. The more often you practice the greater results you will achieve. As you become more aware you get the feeling of how often and how long you need. You can practice before sleep to relax your body and have a deeper sleep and wake refreshed. Practiced in the morning will focus your mind for your day ahead. You can also use your meditation specifically before events when you need to be relaxed and focused.

Meditation is as important to the wellbeing of your life and health as is good diet and exercise. Let it become a regular and normal part of your day and get to experience all of the benefits!


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