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The Healing Power of Breathing

Claire Belton - Friday, May 03, 2013

Breathing is a powerful tool for healing both the body and mind. You can learn to unlock its healing capacity through the practice of conscious breathing techniques. There are many uses for breathing within the fields of health and human potential. The secret of the healing power of breathing lies in the simple fact that eastern cultures have known about for centuries, and western cultures are only just beginning to understand: the breath contains vital life force energy known as either prana or chi.

When you breathe you are not only breathing in oxygen, you are also breathing in life force energy. Our bodies are made up of this prana or energy. This energy influences everything in your life, from how you think and feel, to the state of your health, relationships, and financial concerns. Breathing is a key to increasing the flow of energy through your body; awakening you to your true potential of who you are and the power you have to affect every aspect of your life.

Learning how to utilise the breath to energise your body, mind, and life force will give you skills to:

  • Overcome health challenges
  • Recognise your innate talents and abilities
  • Gain powerful insight into your life
  • Experience passion and purpose in your life
  • Create the life you want
  • Tap into your intuition and spirituality

If you would like to learn more about breathing and breathwork contact Claire.


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