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Transpersonal Breathwork Training

Breathwork and Shamanic Healing Training

Module One is on again in Perth beginning 4th March 2021
This includes 4 Thursday evenings 7-9pm beginning on the 4th March and held on zoom, as well as 2 weekends held in person in Hamilton Hill WA on the 20th-21st March and 27th-28th March 2021

Would you like to become a Transpersonal Breathwork and Shamanic Healing practitioner and step into a powerful learning environment for profound personal healing and facilitation skills. In this training you will learn first hand of the power of breathing to facilitate heightened states of consciousness for healing and awakening to the very Mystery of Life. This training is an opportunity to awaken to the love, wisdom and power that lies within your very being, and to put this into practice to live an exceptional life. You will learn experientially how to transform lead to gold in your own life and how to facilitate this for others. 

Transpersonal Breathwork is one of the most powerful healing modalities available on the planet right now, and combined with the skills and insight of shamanic healing and bodywork techniques this training will equip you with a profound toolbox for working in a deep and powerful way with clients. Breathwork is particularly powerful for bringing healing to anxiety, panic, depression, and trauma, and for transforming old negative patterns of behavior. 

Claire Belton runs the Transpersonal Breathwork Training Academy, and is recognised as a professional breathwork trainer with the Australian Breathwork Association. At the successful completion of the training you have the opportunity to apply for professional membership with the Australian Breathwork Association. 

As well as a training to acquire the skills and tools of breathwork and shamanic healing, most importantly this training is an adventure in consciousness, it is an opportunity to take time out to do the deep inner work, to uncover and discover the Magic within your Self and your Life. You learn the tools, you live the experience, you become the Magic!

You can complete as much or as little of the training as you wish the only stipulation is that you complete each module before proceeding to the next module. If you wish to gain certification and professional recognition with the Australian Breathwork Association you will need to complete the whole training.

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Transpersonal Breathwork and Shamanic Healing Training

Module One (held over 6 days)

         Introduction to Transpersonal Breathwork

  • Learn about the theory and practice of Transpersonal Breathwork, and the contraindications for Transpersonal Breathwork. Gain skills to read the breath; to recognise how certain breathing patterns reflect what is going on in an individual’s life. Learn how to utilise different patterns of breathing to access heightened states of consciousness; for healing, awareness, and transmutation. Here you learn how to alter breathing patterns to help others overcome anxiety and panic attacks. Learn to guide the breathwork session.
  • Foundations of Shamanic Healing
    Be introduced to the practice of Shamanic Healing. Learn how to connect deeply to Nature. Take part in Ceremony to engage at the energetic level for healing and transmutation (In the course of the training you will also learn how to conduct both a water and a fire ceremony).  Learn how to step into and create sacred space for healing, protection, and the calling in of powerful spiritual forces.  Experience states of trance for; divination, wisdom, and vision through rhythm, dance, sound, drum beat and rattle. Open to being a channel for light and healing. Learn the art of tracking.
  • The Chakras: Energetic Maps of Consciousness
    Learn in-depth about the chakras, their psychology, and how they form a brilliant map to understand the evolution of human consciousness.  We begin working with the luminous energy field by tracking the stories held in the chakras, learn to diagnose and release blockages from the chakras. Be taken through powerful chakra meditations.
  • Crystal Healing
    Learn how to use crystals in the healing/breathwork process.  You acquaint yourself with the life force within crystals and healing stones (kuyus), learn how to lay them on the body, and work with their potent energies. Learn to communicate with the Spirit or Guardian of the crystals and stones. Gather your medicine of crystals and stones for healing.
  • Meditation and Breathing practices 
    Learn meditation and yogic breathing exercises that bring about a wellspring of inner silence and antidote to stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. Learn meditation techniques to support your own meditation practice, as well as to teach to your clients. You will be learning the meditation and yogic breathing practices throughout all of the modules, begin the journey in module one.

Module Two (held over 6 days)

  • Transpersonal Breathwork, Emotional Release, and Carried Feelings
    Here you learn to identify the difference between emotions that need to be felt in order to release, and carried feelings; those that belong to another. Unfelt emotions can sit in the body for years creating health challenges, stress and tension, and can contribute to negative perceptions of life and the  way you see and respond to people and events in your life. Learn the importance of emotional release in health and healing, how it can be facilitated gently with love and care, and how opening to the depth of your emotional reality opens you to the Super Consciousness; the divine Love, Wisdom, and Bliss of Great Spirit! By working with your own emotional depths you learn how to support others to allow their feeling reality and become powerfully and deeply compassionate…the true journey of the Healer.
  • Shamanic Journey 
    Learn to journey into the three worlds of core shamanism to meet guardian spirits, spirit helpers and teachers.  Learn how to journey to discover wisdom, uncover purpose, decipher dreams, heal past lives, and experience profound healing.    Learn how to retrieve personal power, journey to find your own personal power animal or animals.  Learn how to journey on behalf of another for healing, wisdom, and power retrieval.
  • Introduction to Bodywork 
    Learn a powerful bodywork technique. In an unobtrusive manner learn to listen to and engage the body’s wisdom to transform dis-ease, unwind tension, and release old stories from the cellular memory. With hands on, explore the anatomy of the mind-body connection. Begin the process of uncovering ‘secrets’ held within the body which leads to the release of physical tension and pain and brings about the healing process.
  • Sound Healing
    This is an introduction to the various ways that sound can be used to support the breathwork session. Explore the use of the drum, rattle, Tibetan singing bowls, voice, and gong.

Module Three (held over 6 days)

  • Transpersonal Breathwork and Shamanic Healing
  • The journey deepens with the introduction of Shamanic extraction techniques into the breathwork session. Explore the other worlds of non-ordinary reality, and experience openings to the energetic realms that come so powerfully with the union of breathwork and shamanic healing. 
  • Shamanic Extraction
    There are many types of energies that sit in the luminous energy field that can contribute to dis-ease, and block you from creating the life you long for. In this module you learn the shamanic process of extraction of intrusive energies; entities, negative energies, energetic cords, hucha, and curses. You learn to work with your power animal, the helping Spirits, the Elements, crystals, smudge, and drumming; tools to support the extraction process. This is powerful healing!
  • Stepping into Power
    In this module we work to reclaim our lost power! We step into our true Power in order to be a powerful conduit for love and healing. 
  • Healing with the Elements
    Learn how to actively engage with the Spirit of each of the four elements in order to gain valuable allies for healing.
  • Soul Retrieval Learn how to journey into non-ordinary reality in order to perform a soul retrieval and a power retrieval. This is powerful work to bring about healing to the luminous light body and deeply supports the healing of challenging or traumatic experiences that arise in the shamanic breathwork process. in the  in a healing ceremony to transmute energy. This may be working with water or fire depending on the season and weather.

Module Four (held over 5 days)

  • Transpersonal Breathwork: Healing Birth Trauma
    Understand how birth affects consciousness and how it plays out over and again in our lives as a story or sacred drama. The story of birth is fundamental to the breathwork process, and underpins how we breathe, and how we respond to life. We get to look in depth at the agreements made in the womb; conception, gestation, birth, and the taking of our first breath; and work with the breath to release and transform any negative beliefs, emotions, or trauma. We have the opportunity to experience a re-birth filled with love and support. This is powerful healing for the body, mind, energy field, and spirit! Learn how to hold this space for others in the breathwork session.
  • Healing The Inner Child
    Learn how to connect with the fragmented parts of the inner child; wounded parts left over from childhood.  Understand how the inner child interacts with the mind-body connection in the energy field.  Learn to track the inner child in the energy field and physical body. Re-parenting the inner child. Releasing blocked energy from childhood. Healing childhood trauma. Speaking the words that heal. Reclaiming the inner child.
  • Mind Mastery and Healing
    Step into the Magician archetype and learn how to use your mind to manifest your goals.  Work with the power of the mind to bring healing and transformation to your life and the lives of others. Identify and transform core negative beliefs that have arisen from past negative experiences. Become the Magician in your own life and be able to hold a space of deep inspiration for others.

Module Five (held over 5 days)

  • Death: Flight of the Soul
    We explore death as a part of the life cycle, and look at what happens at death, and the importance of preparing for death. Experience a symbolic ceremony of death, and learn to recognise and work with your own unconscious death urge.  You learn to track death in the energy field and see how death ‘stalks’ an individual through the stories in their luminous energy field. Through breathwork and shamanic healing we release these stories and the places we are stuck, the places we need to show up and consciously die to, and we rebirth ourselves into the next stage of our lives. Learn what it means to support a client who is preparing for death.
  • Shamanic Death Rites
    Here you learn to administer energetic death rites to support the flight of the soul from the body after death. You learn to walk a soul home and to be the spiritual midwife for the departed.
  • Transpersonal Breathwork: The Transformational Power of Consciousness
    Learn how to utilise the power of consciousness and the breath to step into the role of the Creator. We learn to take full responsibility for our lives and recognise and release with ease the behaviours that no longer support us in our soul’s evolutionary process. Facing our ‘shadow’ we begin to own every partof our ‘sacred drama’ and leave behind the victim mentality in our lives. We learn how to transform our shadow into true power and light, and we learn how to support others to do this.
  • Despacho Ceremony
    Participate in creating a Despacho, a beautiful ceremony of gratitude and healing. This ceremony is for creating abundance in your life and for connecting deeply with the elements and Nature.

Module Six (held over 6 days)


Reading the Body’s Language: Transpersonal Breathwork, Shamanism, and the Body 

Learn skills to read the body’s language and most importantly that which is not said, this becomes a powerful place to explore in a session. Discover how perception underlies posture, and how expanding perception supports the unwinding of tension and dis-ease.  

You will learn how your language toward your client can powerfully support their process of internal awareness that leads to the unwinding of their tension, and transformation in their life. You will learn how to read the body to help bring a person to release their limitations and embody and express their true Self. 

Learn how you can support a client to breathe deeper and with more ease by releasing the physical dis-ease with body centre healing. Deepen your bodywork skills; for unwinding stories, physical pain and tension held in the body.

You will work with shamanic extraction and Soul Retrieval through the process of embodiment. 

You will have the opportunity to participate in experiential work to understand how to consciously manifest your dreams through embodiment; anchoring into your body and energy field. Learn how to facilitate this with your clients.

Module Seven (held over 5 days)

Transpersonal Breathwork, Story, Myth, and Symbolism: Tracking and Transformation in the Other Worlds 

Broaden and improve your tracking skills and learn new ways to track energy in non-ordinary reality. You will have lots of time and opportunities to practice tracking, and learn new ways to gather specific information for your client’s awareness and healing. Deepen your understanding of the narrative that arises in the session, and support the transformation inherent in the symbols, archetypes and myths that you encounter. Learn to track and identify your own personal myth and to rewrite the stories that don’t serve you.

You will learn the skills to be able to give a distant shamanic healing breathwork session, which relies on your ability to work with the helping spirits in the archetypal realms. Claire will also teach you a powerful way to practice a shamanic healing session on yourself, in order to track your own story, detox your energy field, remove intrusive energy, and do the depossession work for yourself. 

You will have the opportunity to give and receive a shamanic breathwork session and integrate your new skills.

Module Eight (held over 6 days)

Ancestral Healing and Transpersonal Breathwork 
We will look at how to track, identify, and work with generational trauma and curses that are blocking energy flow and creating addiction, illness, and misfortune. This includes powerful ancestral depossession work. 

This work will give you skills for the healing of generational trauma, healing and reconnection to the ancestral lineage, and the opportunity to experience the depth of ancestral healing. You will have the opportunity to enquire into those areas of your own life where you seem to have the biggest hurdles, and you will be working to transform old energetic contracts, beliefs, and carried feelings. You will be learning to work more deeply with ancestral allies and helping spirits, and broadening your understanding of working in the shamanic realms with this work. Learn how to bring the ancestral gifts into the Light and reclaim love, power, wisdom, and destiny. 

Module Nine (held over 5 days)

Professional Skills and Practice 

In this module you will learn skills to work with Transpersonal Breathwork and Shamanic Healing in a highly professional way. The depth of this work is often experienced in non-ordinary states of consciousness, in this module you will learn communication skills to guide the session and give feedback that is supportive and professional. Learn the skills to support a client to integrate safely into their life what arises in non-ordinary states of consciousness. 

You will learn how to hold the work safely, understand dynamics that arise in the professional relationship, build your confidence in working with clients, and create the foundations for a successful professional practice.  
With the right skills you will be able to look after your own energy field whilst supporting others.

Good professional skills for working with clients creates the environment for safety and depth in the work, and for return clientele and a successful practice. 

We will cover:
Counselling, coaching, and communication skills for the session
Client practitioner relationship: ethics, boundaries, and non-ordinary states of consciousness
Transference and countertransference: becoming aware of what is transferred between client and practitioner and how to work with it
Good self care: psychic protection and energetic boundaries
Working professionally: how to begin and end a session
The importance of grounding and staying in reality with your client
Referral and working in scope of practice
Client interview and record keeping
Supervision and peer support

Module Ten (held over 5 days)

Sacred Business
Putting your work into the world

In this module we work deeply with the energy that creates business. You will have the space to discover and nurture how your Soul wishes to put your work into the world. Learn the inner skills and the business skills that will help you to grow your practice. Learn about the market place that is specific to this work and how to enter it with confidence and grace. Learn how to attract that which your Soul yearns for. 

This is a cutting edge look at business. Most importantly this is about learning the business that emanates from within and putting this into practice through the appropriate business skills in the world. We hold our business success or failure inside us. We will work with our own attitudes toward the business of the healing work and how that ultimately manifests in the world. 

Whilst many business coaches have the information to support you to set up a small business, they often lack an understanding of the market for this work; how it is an extension of our self, and how we must remain in integrity in order to establish a long standing successful business. This is deep and powerful inner work.

We will cover:
Finding your niche: how you wish to work
Understanding the marketplace
Creating professional space
Establishing a practice
Staying in integrity with your practice
Money and you: manifesting in the new paradigm
Promotion and advertising
Networking and referral
Booking and re-booking clients:business conversations
Holding the Energy of Success
Getting support with your business

You will have the opportunity to work with and integrate the issues that arise in this module through shamanic breathwork sessions. You will also learn to work deeply with your clients with shamanic breathwork on the subject of business, money, and success.

Over the course of the training you will need to complete various homework which includes your own ongoing breathwork sessions, both individual and/or group sessions. On completion of your training you will also be asked to give 20 sessions with clients, under supervision, and do write ups for these sessions. These sessions and write ups will need to be complete and handed in within a year of completing your training. Throughout the duration of your training you will need to keep up doing your own inner work, including individual breathwork sessions and/or group work. You will also be given a reading list of books that you will be required to read throughout the training.

At the completion of your training you will be assessed on your skill level and ability to work as a professional before being recommended for certification. Please note that certification requires full participation in the training, and Claire reserves the right to certify those who are ready. 

Qualifications: Upon successfully completing the training and assessment, you will be issued a certificate. Upon certification you will also be qualified to apply for professional membership with the Australian Breathwork Association. This will enable you to become a member of a professional body and also have access to insurance. 

Hours of Training: The training consists of 480 hours of training.

Prerequisite: It is necessary to be having regular breathwork sessions in order to come into the training. You must have completed at least 10 breathwork sessions individual or via group work. You also must be coming regularly to group breathwork sessions with Claire to be considered for training. Throughout the training you will be expected to continue your breathwork practice through individual or group work. It is at Claire's discretion if you are ready for this level of training or if you come into the training and are not yet ready to continue with the modules as it is depth work, and to complete the training you will be required to continue with your own personal work. You will be required to apply for each module as they arise.

Cost: Payment is made prior to each module as it comes up, and the cost of each training day is priced at $250 per day if paid at the earlybird rate. The cost of the whole training if paid at the earlybird rate comes to $15000.00

Booking: Please text Claire on 0408909779 to organize a time to speak with Claire about the training. 

Contact Claire for Booking and Information

Trainings Currently Available:

Women' Breathing Circle Fremantle

Date: 22nd July 2021
Venue: Hamilton Hill (Advised on booking)
Time: 9.30am-1pm

This is an opportunity to participate in depth Transpersonal Breathwork in Sacred Women's Space. Come together with other women to share, experience embodiment meditation, and Transpersonal Breathwork in a loving, nurturing environment. Please text Claire on 0408909779 to book.
 Book Now

Module 1 of the Transpersonal Breathwork Training

Date: Begins March 4th 2021
Venue: Fremantle

Would you like to become a professional breathwork practitioner with powerful skills in shamanic healing and bodywork? Immerse yourself in 5 days of personal healing, learning and discovery. Over the course of the training you will learn how to work in a very deep and profound way with clients. Module 1 is the beginning of a powerful learning journey! Book Now


Breathwork & Shamanic Healing Training Testimonial:

What an experience. I have been on a spiritual path since I can remember, and finding Claire is balm to my soul as not only has she helped me to move through my grief after the sudden death of my husband but she has facilitated huge growth in me in terms of really connecting to myself and knowing that it is ok to be me, to honour that and shine in my own light. My understanding of myself has reached a new depth. Learning with Claire in the Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing is quite amazing. Claire is a not only a powerful and intuitive healer but an accomplished teacher as well. There is never a dull moment with Claire and I feel stimulated at all levels, mentally, emotionally, physically and most importantly spiritually. I am confident that what I have gained with Claire will enhance my personal and professional life for many years to come. Thank you Claire. 
~ Emma Dolin



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